31st December, 2001 - Mike Carey on his Hellblazer plans.
    All quotes taken from the Lucifer Message Board

    On Possible collaborating artists and the rumoured 'time sharing' deal with Brian Azzarello -

    "I also don't know what will happen after this. Brian has talked about us doing alternating six-month stints, which would be great from my point of view, but obviously it will depend on how my Hellblazer stories are received, what Brian's other commitments are, and how well our styles mesh. Nothing is promised, and nothing is definite.

    I hope Marcello will still be the artist. He's got an exclusivity deal with DC, so the only reason for him to move to another book would be if he's had enough of JC and wants a bit of variety. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that that isn't the case, because I really want to work with him."

    Given Mike's role as the writer of the Lucifer series, will we see any references in Hellblazer to the events contained therein or to the relationship between the First Of The Fallen and Lucifer ?

    "Basically I'm extremely reluctant to put JC back into that "war between Hell and Heaven" framework. It produced some great stories, but how do you add to it? He's already sold his soul at least twice, toppled the government of Hell, set up the archangel Gabriel to Fall, and had questionable relations with every succubus and her sister. I think there'd be a very real danger of ending up with something that felt like an inferior retread of Garth's run.

    I guess I'm not saying it can't ever happen, but to begin with I'm keener to put John into some intense magic/horror storylines with an emphasis on realistic settings - so you get the clash between the humdrum and familiar surroundings and the (hopefully) terrifying things that are happening in them. It's this, rather than the realms and powers stuff, that was always my biggest kick when reading Hellblazer."

    By the way, I love the "awkward endings" scenarios above. It did occur to me that if there were a crossover between the two books, Lucifer and John could become firm friends, and Lucifer could give John a signal watch so he can summon him in times of danger. Then we can change the title of Hellblazer to..."

    Nah, I guess it's been done.

    With Constantine returning to English shores, will we be seeing any of John's old friends or family again ?

    "I'm aiming to bring all of John's surviving relatives back into the frame - and Gemma in particular. Further hints nearer the time."

11th December, 2001 - DC confirm Azzarello departure after #175.

    "First, the publisher has confirmed Brian Azzarello will end his current run on Hellblazer with issue #175 (June). We say "current" because a spokesperson for DC tell us Azzarello may return to the title in some capacity at some point in the future.

    When artist Tim Bradstreet announced that Azzarello’s last issue would be #175, Azzarello initially told Newsarama that Bradstreet "jumped the gun", and that Hellblazer #175 might not be his last issue, though that apparently meant not his last issue of Hellblazer ever.

    Currently, writer Mike (Lucifer) Carey is in line to write six-issues immediately following issue #175, though that has not yet been finalized."

    Taken from Newsarama.

    Update : Mike Carey is in line to write six issues of the Vertigo series Hellblazer following Brian Azzarello's final issue (#175) of his current (but apparently not final) run on the series.

    "Basically I'm on to do a two-parter and then a four-parter, bringing John back to England and eventually to London - and then the idea is that Brian will pick up the story again with John firmly back in his old stalking grounds." said Mike in a recent conversation.

    Taken from the unofficial Lucifer site.

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