7th September, 2004 - Constantine stickers on Hellblazer trades.
    Hellblazer trades purchased from Amazon have a sticker placed on the front cover promoting the upcoming Constantine movie.
Image from cover of Rare Cuts

24th August 2004 - Constantine : Hellblazer - Rare Cuts ?
    Amazon UK has a listing for "Constantine : Hellblazer - Rare Cuts", a 168 page trade due out in January 2005.

23rd August 2004 - Constantine : The Hellblazer Collection ?
    Amazon UK has a listing for "Constantine : The Hellblazer Collection", a 168 page trade due out in February 2005.

17th August 2004 - Papa Midnite mini-series on the way.
    One announcement made at Wizard World Chicago was for the five issue Papa Midnight series that will coincide with the release of the Constatine movie in February. It's written by novelist Mat Johnson and drawn by artist Tony Akins from Fables. Akins said "[it's] a costume drama hip hop vodoo blazing book I'm really sinking my teeth into."

    The series is supposed to show a good part of the origin and early days of Papa Midnite from the early 1800s during a slave rebellion.

    Taken from The Pulse.

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