16th December 2003 - Hellblazer artist Marcelo Frusin extends exclusive agreement with DC.
    Marcelo Frusin, illustrator of VERTIGO's HELLBLAZER, has extended his exclusive agreement with DC for three years.

    "We couldn't be happier that Marcelo has decided to accept our offer and renew his exclusive contract," says Editor Will Dennis. "He is doing amazing work on HELLBLAZER that's really defined that character for the current generation of readers. Marcelo has grown tremendously as an artist in the past few years because he is constantly challenging himself. I consider him the most underrated artist in comics, and I can't wait to change that in the near future. He's going to blow people away with all the things we have planned."

    "I'm really honored because of the generosity and affection that DC has treated me during this year," says Frusin. "I couldn't imagine a better place to continue my career. I thank the extraordinary people of VERTIGO for the absolute freedom they give me to draw one of their most loved characters, John Constantine. I also look forward to drawing some of DC's other characters!"

16th December 2003 - New Swamp Thing ongoing series debuts in March 2004
    From the Vertigo solicitations for comics due to ship in March 2004 -

    The seminal SWAMP THING was a landmark series — one that helped pave the way for the VERTIGO imprint and fostered a new style of comic-book storytelling.

    Now, that legendary character is poised to return to the VERTIGO fold in a new ongoing series written by Andy Diggle (THE LOSERS) with breathtaking art by Enriqué Breccia (BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS). This all-new ongoing series combines all the gothic horror and thought-provoking stories long associated with Swamp Thing with something cool for both new and old fans of this classic DC character.

    The Swamp Thing long ago made peace with his strange destiny. Formerly Alec Holland, a human scientist who died by fire, he was reborn as a "plant Elemental" — guardian and champion of the Green — ultimately becoming one with the planet Earth itself.

    But suddenly, the time for peaceful co-existence has come to an end. Now stripped of Alec Holland's human conscience, the Swamp Thing seeks to restore balance to the natural world — by destroying his own daughter, Tefé — herself a powerful Elemental — and his loving wife Abby. And HELLBLAZER’S John Constantine knows that when beings with this much power square off, humanity always ends up getting caught in the crossfire.

    After the 6-part opening storyline, “Bad Seed,” the series will be written by Will Pfeifer (H-E-R-O, AQUAMAN), who has major tricks up his sleeve.

    This project is supported with a full-color promo poster, a preview in VERTIGO HORIZON, house ads, and a minisite at www.vertigocomics.com.

25th November 2003 - DC to publish 'Constantine' adaptation.
      * A trade paperback collecting HELLBLAZER #129-133
      * Written by Garth Ennis, art by John Higgins
      * In stores in March with a cover price of $12.95 U.S.

27th November 2003 - "Son Of Man" trade due in 2004.
    DC Comics will be publishing adaptations of the upcoming Catwoman and Constantine films from Warner Bros., DC's Dan DiDio told The Continuum.

    "It would seem kind of silly not to," said DiDio, DC's VP -- publishing, at Wizard World Texas on Sunday.

    DiDio said the creative teams and formats have not been finalized yet. It's possible that instead of simply a film-to-comic translation, the books will contain features and other materials, similar to DC's ongoing Smallville comic.

    DC has comics based on all three of its current television shows, Smallville on The WB, Justice League on Cartoon Network and Teen Titans on Cartoon Network and Kids' WB!.

    Neither Catwoman nor Constantine has a release date yet. Both films are currently in production and will likely be summer releases. DiDio said the adaptations would come out just before the movies.


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