Tim Bradstreet to draw Hellblazer interiors

Bradstreet, who will be continuing on covers for Punisher, said he will be at Wizard World on Aug. 17-19, shooting material for a fill-in issue of Hellblazer.

"You may or may not remember I illustrated issue #141, written by Warren Ellis," Bradstreet said. "This time I'll be doing an issue that revolves around the shady FBI agent Turro, a character that I helped to conceptualize way back in Gangland #1, with writer Brian Azzarello. Azzarello will of course be writing the new issue. Agent Turro has shown up from time to time during the series.

"There is actually a bit of a funny story here. When I first drew Turro, he had close cropped hair and a clean-shaven face. When next he appeared (Hellblazer #150), my brother who models for Turro, had grown a close cropped goatee and shaved his head bald. I asked then-editor Axel Alonso if he minded the change, he said 'Go for it.'

"Later we realized that the FBI wouldn't allow an agent to have facial hair and we had to nix the beard. Evidently, someone forgot to tell Richard Corben who was doing the interiors. So the cover features Turro, clean shaven and bald while the interiors feature a Turro with a bald head and a big bushy goatee. I'm a nut for continuity so that drove me crazy.

"However, it didn't stop there. Recently, Turro guested again in Hellblazer, this time in fill-in issue #157 drawn by Steve Dillon. On the cover Turro stands in a bar, hoisting drinks with Constantine. He is clean shaven and bald. Apparently, Dillon was given old reference for Turro and ended up drawing him the way I'd first conceived him in Gangland #1, close cropped hair and clean shaven. I wanted to rip my hair out.

"Azzarello thinks it's hilarious (our little in-joke) and believes we should continue the staggered continuity where the character is concerned. I'm thinking I'll finally try to have continuity because I control the outcome of this one. Since Hellblazer doesn't have a letters page, I'm curious to know whether fans have caught on to the whole thing."

Taken from Comics Continuum.

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