28th November 2002 - "Freezes Over" trade set for May 2003
    According to a DC press release available on Newsarama, there'll be a new Hellblazer trade available in May 2003 -

    An Eisner-Award nominated tale is collected in HELLBLAZER: FREEZES OVER, featuring issues #157-163 of the VERTIGO series. These stories, written by Brian Azzarello (100 BULLETS) with art by Marcelo Frusin and a cover by Tim Bradstreet, find John Constantine snowed into a tiny roadside diner - with a variety of travelers forced off the road by a cataclysmic snowstorm...including a legendary serial killer. HELLBLAZER: FREEZES OVER is a 160-page VERTIGO trade paperback, suggested for mature readers, and scheduled to arrive in stores in May.

11th September 2002 - The Jenkins Return That Never Was
    Rumour mongering Alan Donald (at All The Rage) had the following to say on the subject of a possible Paul Jenkins return to the pages of Hellblazer -

    "Paul Jenkins has revealed that he was due to return to Hellblazer for a one-off story, with Jae Lee as the artist. Unfortunately neither of them could think up a story in time!"

    Rumour taken from Silver Bullet Comicbooks.

14th August 2002 -Constantine To Appear in Zatanna: Everyday Magic.
    Speaking to the The Pulse, Paul Dini had the following to say about John Constantine's appearance in his upcoming "Zatanna: Everyday Magic" project -

    "I wanted to give nods to Zatanna's past in this story as a way of bringing people who know nothing about her up to speed, but also to touch on some of the rich mythology that longtime fans would appreciate. I give a brief look at her past, explaining her relationship with her father Zatara and the tragic effect his death had on Zatanna. I also revisit Zatanna's relationship with John Constantine, who plays a major role in this story. In stories written by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman it was established that Zatanna and Constantine were lovers in the past and the relationship didn't end particularly well. This story builds on that as John has another bout of woman trouble and needs Zatanna to help him out of it. Needless to say she's less than thrilled to return home after a long stint on the road to find Constantine drunk, naked and passed out on her bed. He's also under a curse, which doesn't lighten the mood any."

    Full interview available at The Pulse

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