Marquee Moon

Quote Peter Hogan, speaking on the DC Vertigo Message Boards -

"There's been some minor movement on the MARQUEE MOON front, and since the story partly concerns John Constantine, and since there's more traffic here than on the SANDMAN PRESENTS board, I thought I'd share the news here.

Basically, I had a chat with Shelly Bond at the Bristol con, and she told me that no definite decision had been made to publish it or not, but that it seemed more likely that it'd be published than not, sometime in 2002.

So, if you'd like to see this in print, now's your chance to say so.

If you'll forgive me a bit of trumpet-blowing, I'll leave you with a quote about the book from the rock critic Charles Shaar Murray :

"I was there. Peter Hogan was there. I didn't see John Constantine around at the time, but this flashback to his punk years kidnaps us for a wild and bitter ride: social history with a toxic sting in the tale." "

(Peter Hogan mentioned Marquee Moon when we interviewed him for this site.)

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