Azzarello Leaving Hellblazer


The crunch is on. Massive amounts of work may prevent me from responding to most emails for the next few months as I try to balance inking Batman/Deathblow, illustrating 3, sometimes 4 covers a month and starting at the end of January illustrating Hellblazer 175, Brian Azzarello's final issue on the title which began with issue 146. I'm going to be very sad to see him leave. I've had a wonderful creative relationship with Brian during this very successful run."

Tim Bradstreet speaking on his website.

Update : Reached for comment on Bradstreetís post Sunday evening, and asked if he could confirm and explains his exit, Azzarello told us, "Street jumped the gun here. Hellblazer #175 might not be my last issue, and he might not be illustrating it, so there's really nothing to confirm.".

Taken from Newsarama.

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