Name : First Of  The Fallen

First Appearance : Hellblazer #42, A Drop Of The Hard Stuff (Dangerous Habits)
Last Appearance : Hellblazer #128, Sifting Through The Ashes

Who is he ?

Before there was a Heaven or hell, before there were Angels, even before Lucifer there was the First Of  The Fallen. It appears The First was created as a companion for God, someone with whom he could discuss his plans for Heaven, Earth and everything else in between. All was well until God disclosed his plan to create a race with instinct and free will. The First spoke out, claiming that this would be a disastrous idea. God, furious with his first creation, stopped confiding in him. Later, when The First stumbled across God again (apparently finding God in an unbalanced state), he was cast from Heaven to hell.

(Note : Neil Gaimen caused a bit of hassle in the Vertigo universe when he had Lucifer leave Hell during the course of the Sandman series (#23 I think), it's assumed that The First took over hell after Lucifer left.)

John Constantine's initial meeting with the First was an unusual affair, carried out as it was in the presence of some magical Guinness and the body of one of John's dearest friends - Brendan Finn. Being slightly the worse for drink, and realising that the First had come to ensure that his dead friend was destined to spend an eternity in hell, Constantine struck an odd deal with the First. Suffice is to say that this deal did not go well for the First, culminating as it did in him consuming holy water and the loss of Brendan's soul to heaven.

These events, chronicled in the 'Dangerous Habits' story arc, laid the foundation for several confrontations between John and The First, one of which ended with the near infamous scene of John flipping the bird to the assembled Lords Of Hell.

Despite outwitting the First at every turn for a good many years, Constantine's luck finally ran out when he was forced to sign his soul over to his long time adversary (as told in the 'How To Play With Fire' story arc).

Other Appearances In Hellblazer :
  • (#59 - 61) Guys And Dolls
  • (#72 - 75) Damnation's Flame
  • ( #78 - 83 ) Rake At The Gates Of Hell
  • ( #92 - 96 ) Critical Mass
  • (#100) Sins Of The Father
  • ( #121 , #122 , #123 , #124 ) Up The Down Staircase
  • ( #125 , #126 , #127 , #128 ) How To Play With Fire
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