25th July, 2005 - Constantine 2 Stillborn
    Care of CHUD -

    Meanwhile, Lorenzo (former WB head) reports that it looks like there won't be a sequel to Constantine after all. "I wish there was. I donít think the economics of it will Ė it was a profitable movie but I donít know if [Warners] thought it was profitable enough to get to a sequel. I really liked that character. Heís a curmudgeon of the first order. And thatís the trick right now, to try and make movies that Ė if you go back and look at Steve McQueen movies, he was a jerk in pretty much everything he was in, but you just get along for the ride. "

21st July, 2005 - Update on Hellblazer : Warlord novel
    Quote John Shirley -

    "JOHN CONSTANTINE: HELLBLAZER--WARLORD will be a mass-market paperback original and is scheduled for a February 2006 publication (on-sale date is 1/31/06). Cover art is by the great Tim Bradstreet [which I've seen and it's really good - js], ...he did a fantastic job capturing the essence of the book. As for upcoming advertising/publicity, that's something still be ironed out with DC, so we'll keep you posted. As an FYI, we plan on attending and/or having booth space at the recently announced NY Comic-Con in February 2006, which coincides with the publication of WARLORD, so we'll be planning on promoting the book in some way at that as well (besides next year's San Diego Comic-Con)."

18th July, 2005 - Greg Lauren to cover Hellblazer
    Quote Heidi McDonald -

    "The mystery of Elizabeth Berkley's appearance at the con was solved: it seems her husband, Greg Lauren (who is Ralph Lauren's nephew) is doing some HELLBLAZER covers for Vertigo."

    The below image was on display at the San Diego Comic Con over the weekend and would appear to be the first offical glimpse of Greg's Constantine (the initials GL in the bottom right corner giving the game away, along with the style which is very much in keeping with his other work) -

24th June, 2005 - Tim Bradstreet says goodbye
    Tim Bradstreet's long term stint as Hellblazer cover artist comes to an end with issue #215.

    Tim's been a brilliant mate to this site and is as passionate about Hellblazer as anyone I've had the fortune to converse with - that and he's recognised as one of the best cover artists working in American comics.

    There'll always be a seat at the STH bar for Tim and with a bit of luck his time away from Hellblazer will be very short indeed.

21st March, 2005 - Denise Mina new Hellblazer writer from #216
    Quote CBR -

    Mike Carey feels it'll be time for another writer to take the title on, and will leave after his 41st issue. As of the standalone issue "Hellblazer" #216, Scottish crime novelist Denise Mina will take over, which will have " a special guest artist who cannot be named. Could be someone very close to us at this point ..." Bradstreet looked around innocently, and then talked about how much he enjoyed reading the script. "My feeling is that she will be bringing it a little more down to earth." Vankin commented. "You won't be seeing quite as many spectacular demons. It's gonna be a lot more human, a little down and dirty." When Vankin emailed her, vaguely asking if she'd be interested in working on the title, she allegedly emailed back, "I would eat my own guts to write 'Hellblazer.'" It didn't come to that, fortunately," Vankin admitted. "She'll be the regular writer on Hellblazer for the foreseeable future, starting in January."

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