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Original Sins

Writer : Jamie Delano
Artists: Alfredo Alcala, Dave McKean, John Ridgeway

Reprints Hellblazer #1-9.

These are the earliest solo adventures of tortured antihero John Constantine, who must face both supernatural and man-made horrors in this volume. Includes reprints of the original issues' covers by Dave McKean.

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Dangerous Habits

Writer : Garth Ennis
Artists: William Simpson

Reprints Hellblazer #41-46.

He's fought monsters and elementals, outwitted devils, and stonewalled demons. But now John Constantine faces his own impending death, brought on not by magic, his sins, or the machinations of Heaven or Hell-but by lung cancer. Full color.

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Fear and Loathing

Writer : Garth Ennis
Artists: Steve Dillon

Reprints Hellblazer #62-67.

John Constantine causes the downfall of an archangel amid racial tensions, suffers a break-up with his girlfriend, and carouses his way through his fortieth birthday party-where Swamp Thing turns up as a surprise guest!

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Tainted Love

Writer : Garth Ennis
Artists: Steve Dillon

Reprints Hellblazer #68-71, Hellblazer Special #1, Vertigo Jam Hellblazer story.

A gone-to-seed John Constantine confronts the ghosts of his past as he is stalked by a vampire who has hunted the Constantine family for generations. Reprinting Hellblazer #68-71, Hellblazer Special #1, and the John Constantine story from Vertigo Jam, with a new painted cover by Glenn Fabry. Full color. 176 pages.

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Damnations Flame

Writer : Garth Ennis
Artists: Steve Dillan, William Simpson, Peter Snejbjerg

Reprints Hellblazer #72-77.

The newest HELLBLAZER collection by the acclaimed creators of PREACHER finds John Constantine in America, Ireland, and his own funeral. Reprinting HELLBLAZER #72-77, DAMNATION'S FLAME recounts Constantine's mystically-induced hallucinatory journey through America, an unexpected encounter with a deceased friend in Dublin, and an offbeat tale that includes Constantine's own funeral... an event he makes a point out of attending.

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Hellblazer: Hard Time

Writer : Brian Azzarello
Artists: Richard Corben

Reprints Hellblazer #146-150.

John Constantine has found himself in a new kind of hell: a maximum-security penitentiary. Throughout his sordid career, not much has scared Constantine. As long as he's had his smokes and his freedom, he's always been in control. But what happens when those things are taken away from him? The unexpected answers play out in the HELLBLAZER: HARD TIME -- a collection of the first HELLBLAZER storyline by series writer Brian Azzarello (100 BULLETS, JONNY DOUBLE), with art by legendary horror artist Richard Corben and a new cover by Tim Bradstreet.

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Hellblazer: Good Intentions

Writer : Brian Azzarello
Artists: Marcelo Frusin

Reprints Hellblazer #151-156.

Welcome to Doglick, West Virginia. A nasty bit of roadkill alongside the highway to Hell.

He's done hard time in prison to ease his conscience, but now it's time for John Constantine to make amends to the kin of one Richard "Lucky" Fermin, who took his own life with the gun that Constantine handed to him. Constantine's got some history with the Fermin clan, and they might not be very happy to see him. But the truth is, they've got bigger things to worry about in Doglick - things that will shock even the unshockable Constantine, once he figures out what's really going on.

Collecting the first story arc from the acclaimed Hellblazer creative team of writer Brian Azzarello and artist Marcelo Frusin, Hellblazer: Good Intentions marks a new chapter in the chronicles of John Constantine - the hard-drinking, hard-smoking master of bad-luck magic.

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