HellBlazer #128    HellBlazer #128 : Sifting Through The Ashes(HTPWF: Part Four)

   Writer : Paul Jenkins
   Artist : Warren Pleece

A disheartened, embittered John Constantine confronts his maker.   Clearly angry at his own failings, Constantine whines about the state of the world and God's unwillingness to make it all better, countering John's bitterness God questions the wisdom of allowing the whole world the same insights which John has gained.   Grudgingly Constantine accepts God's point as the various factions of hell who allied against him (Ellie et all) get exactly what they deserve (thanks to John selling his soul to The First).

When God learns that John has sold his soul to the devil, and Constantine makes a veiled threat about his inevitable rise through the ranks of hell and his plans for heaven thereafter, God agrees to remove the taint from John and his friends (which they gained thanks to the events which transpired in Last Man Standing).   A final confrontation with Dani and Rich leaves John alone and disheartened, his only comfort being the fact that his friends have for once escaped pretty much unscathed.

Quote Of The Month : 'That's it, then.   The whole thing comes around in its typical, torturous bloody circle.   I'm sitting on another rock, listening to the sound of the water.    And in the end, it didn't work out to terribly really.   I mean, nobody got hurt too badly.    Nothing that can't be fixed, given enough time.   Nobody died.   Except me.' - John Constantine's final words under Paul Jenkins.

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