HellBlazer #127    HellBlazer #127 : Burning Down The House(HTPWF: Part Three)

   Writer : Paul Jenkins
   Artist : Warren Pleece

Reeling from the events which have left his world in tatters around him, a desperate Constantine seeks help from an unlikely source - The First Of The Fallen.   Using the card he received from The First at the end of Up The Down Staircase, John arranges to pay the First a visit.

A gloating Gavin has his finest hour shot to pieces when Ellie, still masquerading as Pam, reveals what really happened on the fateful night of Pam's death.   It transpires that Gavin was responsible for the crash which killed her.

The First reveals to John that the spirits of Buer and Crowley have taken up residence in Weeble's body.   Left with little choice, John signs a deal with The First as Gavin puts a gun to his head and blows his own brains out.

Acting on information from John, The First finds Ellie and extracts revenge on her for killing and dooming him to life as a Greek fisherman.   John ropes Chas into giving him a lift to the forest where he plans to meet with God.   Chas and John have a bitter row which ends in pain for Constantine as Chas vents some physical punishment on the con-man.

Alone in the middle of nowhere, John comes face to face with God.

Quote Of The Month : 'Failure is when you tumble, frightened and alone, into a sea of confusion.   It's when you struggle to survive, refusing to be lost in the detrius.    It's when you catch a glimpse of daylight above, and struggle towards it.   Only to be swallowed by a shark' - John Constantine, in sombre mood.

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