HellBlazer #121    HellBlazer #121 : Up The Down Staircase (Part One)

   Writer : Paul Jenkins
   Artist : Warren Pleece

After witnessing the horrific death of his girlfriend, a friend of Johns puts a gun to his head and plays a little Russian Roulette.   Meanwhile, Constantine agrees to accompany Dani on a trip back to America for Thanksgiving as Rich and his band proceed to drive the hapless mage around the bend.

As John and Dani wonder through the airport after an unusual flight to the states (highlighted by a punch up between two passengers started by an arguement over OJ Simpsons innocence or lack there of), Constantine catches sight of a strange shadowy individual.   John and Dani both notice a change in America since their last visit and Constantine bemoans the fact that all his old American friends are either dead or have buggered off.    As the pair catch a train to Dani's parents, John spots a familiar figure waving to him from the platform - The First Of The Fallen.

Following an evening spent in the company of Dani's large family (including Uncle Fred, Cousin Terrell and Dani's three brothers), John seeks some much needed sleep only to be woken by a particularly disturbing nightmare.    Retreating outside the house for a smoke, John hears his name being taken in vain on the television.   Rushing inside, Constantine finds the First Of The Fallen and the apparently possesed Uncle Fred.

Quote Of The Month : The issue long spiel on America - far too much for me to type here I'm afraid.

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