Thanks to all of the creators who took time out of their schedules to speak about their work on Hellblazer.

Alan Moore
    Taken from a forgotten issue of Wizard, this excerpt reveals the story behind John Constantine's creation and the eerie events which later transpired in an English sandwich bar.
Jamie Delano
Garth Ennis
    From the 'On The Ledge' column which appeared in Vertigo comics dated October 1993.   Garth Ennis offers his opinions on what true horror is all about.
Paul Jenkins
    Garth Ennis brought John Constantine about as low as he could go and when he left the title to start work on the creator owned Preacher, many feared for the future of HellBlazer.   Paul Jenkins rose to the occasion - giving the readers a more mature Constantine - as well as paying respect to all that had gone before.    Paul took time out to answer the following during September of 1997.
Warren Ellis
    There's a common held perception that fans are nearly impossible to please.    When this site hosted a survey to determine who the readers would most like to write HellBlazer, Warren Ellis emerged as a clear favourite.   Near the end of January 1998, it was announced that Warren had signed on as the new writer of HellBlazer - four days later he answered the following questions...
Peter Hogan
    John Constantine appeals to something in all of us - 'k so it's something dark and nasty but it's there none the less.   Peter Hogan is another of the 2000 AD crew set to write the English con-man come magus.

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