Creative Types

Official websites for those who have worked on Hellblazer in some form or another.
    1. Andy Diggle
    2. Eddie Campbell
    3. Glenn Fabry
    4. Grant Morrison
    5. Jamie Delano
    6. Neil Gaiman
    7. Steve Pugh
    8. Tim Bradstreet
    9. Warren Ellis

Hellblazer Related

Other sites on the web dedicated to Constantine et all.
    1. Hellblazer
    2. The Ultimate Hellblazer Index
    3. Hellblazer : DCF
    4. Hellblazer Brasil (Brazilian)
    5. Swamp Thing/Hellblazer Continuity
    6. Roots Of The Swamp Thing

Comic's Related

Websites covering various comic book related topics.
    1. Newsarama
    2. Comics Continuum
    3. Comicbook Resources
    4. The House Of Vertigo
    5. DC Comics
    6. Comic Book Annotations & Bibliographies
    7. The Unofficial Lucifer Site
    8. Another Unofficial Lucifer Site

Linked From

Sites that have linked to Straight To Hell.
    1. Invisible Comics
    2. Kabukivice
    3. NoiseEngine (German)
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