Name : Ellie

First Appearance : Hellblazer #43, Friends In High Places (Dangerous Habits : Part Three)
Last Appearance : Hellblazer #128, Sifting Through The Ashes

Who is She ?

Well for a start, her full name's actually Chantinelle. She's also a Succubus. The only one of her kind to ever seduce an angel (twice !). Unfortunately she later fell in love with the victim of her seduction and conceived a child by him. Knowing that such a thing was not going to be allowed by either Heaven or Hell, both Ellie and Tali (her angel lover) went on the run, seeking the aid of John Constantine.

John agreed to help, hoping to use the hapless pair as his spies in both Heaven and Hell. However things didn't quite go according to plan and the forces of Heaven (led by the Arch Angel Gabriel) managed to track down the pair, killing Tali and either stealing or killing Ellie's child in the process. John's Masking sigil managed to protect Ellie. Later, when the First himself tried to track Ellie down, John cut a similar sigil into her soul, keeping her hidden.

Ellie and Constantine developed a unique love/hate relationship which eventually deteriorated into open hostilities when the succubus sought revenge on John for using her. This set her on a path which led to her downfall at the hands of the English magus and an eternity of suffering at the hands of Triskele, the wyrm queen of the Succubae.

Other Appearances In Hellblazer :
  • Guys And Dolls (#59 - 61)
  • Forty (#60)
  • (#64 - 66 ) Fear And Loathing
  • (#78 - 83 ) Rake At The Gates Of Hell
  • (#92 - 96 ) Critical Mass
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