Fear And Loathing

Ever since his encounter with John Constantine, the Archangel Gabriel has been having doubts.

Gabriel spends his time in an exclusive gentlemen's club in London. Plagued with doubt, Gabriel breaks with tradition and walks out of the club - this attracts the attention of a spy that Charley Patterson (a senior member of the BNP) had in the club. As Gabriel walks the streets he meets and befriends a woman named Julie.

As John concludes some business with Rick in a local pub, he meets Dez and his brother George (who's recently returned home from Birmingham following some trouble with racists). Gabriel continues to open up to Julie and whilst not telling her who he is really is, he does talk of his 'father' and the problems he is experiencing with his faith.

Charley Patterson's spy informs him of Gabriel's meeting with the woman. Charley, scared that Constantine is going to mess up his plans for Gabriel, sends some heavies around to hurt Kit with a view to using this to scare off John. When Kit handles these thugs, Patterson decides that John will have to be taken on directly. As Charley's men attack Constantine, Dez intercedes on his behalf but ends up taking a beating and the pair are captured by Patterson.

As John suffers taunts from Patterson, and Dez dies from the beatings he received, Julie and Gabriel grow closer. Facing death, John reveals to Patterson that he's already orchestrated the fall of Gabriel and he offers him the archangel in exchange for his life. George, learning of his brothers abduction, picks up a sawn off shotgun and raids Patterson's hideout. After seeing the body of his dead brother, Georgekills Charley Patterson.

Meanwhile, Julie and Gabriel take their relationship to a more physical level. As the pair make love, Gabriel receives the shock of his life when Julie rips his heart from his chest and reveals herself to be Ellie. Gabriel is cast from Heaven and John offers him an ultimatum - either serve as John's protector or die. John needs his protection because he fears the First Of The Fallen is seeking revenge and Ellie wanted revenge for the part Gabriel played in her lover's death.

Following the attack on her by Patterson's men, Kit decides to return to Northern Ireland and leave her life with John Constantine behind.


1993 : John Constantine causes the fall of the archangel Gabriel as part of a scheme to protect himself from The First Of The Fallen.

Dates taken from Vertigo Secret Files : Hellblazer, written by Michael Bonner
Gabriel realises that Constantine was right about Patterson.

Dez looking the worse for wear after suffering a beating at the hands of Patterson's men.

Charley Patterson gets his.

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