The Trenchcoat Brigade The Trenchcoat Brigade #3

Writer : John Ney Rieber
Artist : John Ridgeway

Elliana, daughter to King Of The Leshy, stumbles upon the disembodied head of Pyotr Konstantin.   Feeling some pity for the aging man, she stops to help him, placing his head back upon his shoulders.   When Pyotr reveals the plans of his younger self to kill the King and steal the Eye Of The World, Elliana grows angry and slaps Pyotr's head from his shoulders in disbelief.

E and Constantine, meanwhile, discuss the events of Newcastle and come to a new understanding as their comrades undergo their own experiences of each other's personal hell.   Elliana returns to her father's castle and finds the younger Pyotr making off with the Eye Of The World - her father already dead.   Left beaten by her former love, Elliana retrieves The Book Of Ending from her dead father's throne and vows vengeance for her people.

The Trenchcoat Brigade #3
Life's just full of problems

Doctor Occult manages to overcome his experiences in Mister E's hell by acknowledging them as shadows of his companions misplaced guilt.   with the Eye Of The World stolen, there is no longer any defence for the Leshy, and Elliana is forced to watch as her younger sister is taken by Cossacks.   Elliana is apparently stung by The Book Of Ending and finds a fleshy growth appearing on her hand.

The last of the Brigade comes too and Constantine comes close to pushing the Phantom Stranger, clearly distressed at experiencing Doctor Occult's own personal hell, too far.   Trusting to the ever reliable synchronisity highway, John stumbles across Pyotr's head.   Elliana is lost to despair as her efforts to read the Book Of Ending fail.   The mysterious growth has now covered her entire hand and she's shocked when it sprouts two small eyes and a mouth, introducing itself as M'Nagalah and promising to teach her how to read from the Book.

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