The Trenchcoat Brigade The Trenchcoat Brigade #4

Writer : John Ney Rieber
Artist : John Ridgeway

Still sore from their recent experiences of each each other's private hells, the four errant members of the Trenchcoat Brigade, confront Pyotr about the events which led to the extinction of the human race.   Still visibly upset by the by the secrets of Doctor Occult's past, The Phantom Stranger comes dangerously close to killing the guilt stricken Pyotr before he can reveal the fate of the world.

With Pyotr's head returned to his body, the four Magi bear witness to M'Nagalah's consumption of mankind.   The Brigade, along with Pyotr, travel back in time to near present day Chernobyl.    Here we see how Elliana harnessed the guilt held in Pyotr's heart to unleash the corrupt God M'Nagalah upon the earth.   The Brigade struggle in vain to contain the God and only the timely diversion of the older Pyotr saves them, as he severs both Elliana's link to M'Nagalah and his younger self's head.

The Trenchcoat Brigade #4
Questions, questions.

Separated from the dark God, Elliana recognises the error of her actions and burns the Book Of Ending.   The God M'Nagalah desperately submerges itself in Mister E, recognising the great guilt within him.   As the remaining members of the Brigade debate the wisdom of dispatching their now comatose colleague, Rose (now dominant over Doctor Occult) explains how her experience of Mister E's hell has led her to believe that he is capable of overcoming M'Nagalah.

As Mister E regains consciousness he appears to have come to terms with his guilt, abandoning his guise and returning to his former self of just plain old Erik.

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