The Trenchcoat Brigade The Trenchcoat Brigade #2

Writer : John Ney Rieber
Artist : John Ridgeway

Constantine and company lay waste to Misery's wolves who appear to personify feelings of self pity and guilt.   With some form of sanity returned, Misery pleads with the Brigade to take him back in time to allow him stop his past self from creating the current bleak future.   Mister E agrees to this and the five are soon back in Misery's past.

The Trenchcoat Brigade #2
'nuff said.

Misery's tenuous grip on reality quickly gives way and he summons four spirits who bear an uncanny resemblance to the Brigade and makes his escape.   Constantine urges his comrades to ignore the shades but at the bequest of his allies, the Phantom Stranger seeks to raise a mystical shield.   This prompts the spirits to leap into action.   Suddenly the Brigade find themselves facing each other's worst nightmares.   John relives the Stranger's fall but refuses to bow to the voices of heaven as Mister E must confront Constantine's guilt at the events which befell Astra in Newcastle.

Misery meanwhile, is not faring too well with his past self and a ruse gone wrong sees him losing his head.

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