Name : Joshua Wright

First Appearance : Hellblazer #137, Haunted
Last Appearance : Hellblazer #178, Red Sepulchre

Who is he ?

John Constantine may well be a self-confessed bastard, but he's a veritable saint when compared to the amoral magus Joshua Wright.

An Aleister Crowley aficionado with a taste for body modification, Wright found himself being hunted by Constantine after turning Isabel, one of John's old girlfriend's, into his own version of Crowley's Scarlet Woman before killing her. In Constantine's words, Joshua convinced Isabel to be "a vessel for sex magic, someone he could venerate and degrade and love and fuck and use up".

Wright has a number of heavy ball bearings implanted under the skin of his forearms.

With the aid of Inspector Watford, John was able to take prisoner the man responsible for Isabel's perversion and eventual murder. After plying Joshua with LSD, Constantine and Watford stuck him in a crude coffin with Isabel's rotting corpse.

The psychological effects of being confined in such close quarters with a decomposing corpse while under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs left Wright a gibbering wreck on the streets of London.

Joshua eventually managed to recover from the drug-induced ordeal he suffered at the hands of John and soon found himself in the employ of Domine Fredericks, a powerful player in Londonís magical underworld.

When his employer convinced Johnís niece to work with him, Wright seemed ideally placed to wreck some much-desired vengeance on the magus. Unfortunately for Joshua, he found both his plans for revenge Ė as well as his life Ė cut short after some unexpected interference from Map and Clarice led to the downfall of his boss and his own death at the hands of a possessed former employee.

Magical Theory
Magical theory

Face to face with Isabel's corpse
Face to face with Isabel's corpse
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