HellBlazer #139    HellBlazer #139 : Haunted, Part 6 of 6

   Writer : Warren Ellis
   Artist : John Higgins

With Josh Wright safely secured by Watford, John Constantine sets about extracting revenge for Isabel's murder.

Tied to a chair in what appears to be a decrepit morgue, Josh receives a beating from Watford before Constantine forces a hit of acid into his throat.   John tries to discern the reasons behind Wright's actions but quickly learns that Josh's motivations never stretched beyond his own evil attitude towards the more mundane members of society.

With satisfactory explanations received, Constantine reveals the final part of his plan, getting Watford to manhandle the bound Wright into a mortuary slab with the rotting corpse of Isabel as the acid starts to take effect on him.

As dawn breaks over London, a naked blood stained Josh Wright stumbles through the streets. John returns to the playground haunted by Isabel.   It transpires that the death of Wright hasn't sent her on her way so John enlists the aid of Albert to ensure his old girlfriend makes it to whatever passes for the afterlife.

Quote Of The Month : "My name's John Constantine.   I'm not the nicest bloke you've ever met.   But I do me best.", Constantine in the wake of a rare painless victory.

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