Name : Map

First Appearance : Hellblazer #135, Haunted
Last Appearance : Hellblazer #177, Red Sepulchre

Who is he ?

When it comes to Map, itís a case of appearances being very deceiving indeed.

Employed, courtesy of John Constantine, as a nocturnal worker on Londonís Underground, he seems quite content to spend his waking hours keeping the tube tracks clear of debris Ė a rather mundane way for the being who could once have become the King of Magicians to pass the time, donít you think ?

Map found his peaceful existence disturbed when John Constantine came to him for information on the murdering magus, Joshua Wright. Using his considerable power, Map divined the required information for the Englishman and left him to his revenge, unaware that he still had a part to play in Johnís latest game.

Following a vicious beating at the hands of some of Joshua Wrightís hired thugs, John tricks his assailants into going after the unsuspecting Map. The apparently defenceless tube worker gives his would be assailants far more than they bargained for and dispatches them in a particularly gruesome manner, leaving their remains spread out across a long length of tube track.

When confronted by the powerful being about the men, Constantine admits to sending them down into the Underground in the full knowledge that Map would kill them for attacking him. The pair parted on somewhat frosty terms.

Some two years later, John returned to Mapís lair in the Underground to enlist his aid in the ongoing search for his missing niece. When Map refused to acknowledge Constantineís summons, John returned to the guesthouse in which heíd been staying only to be confronted by the giant disembodied head of the being he had sought only hours before. Map informs the slightly stunned John that heís moved on from the Underground to a place that ďdoesnít exist so muchĒ before warning him that the pair may be on course to clash as enemies during the magical gang war that had been raging through London at the time.

Despite this initially frosty confrontation, John and Map were eventually able to work together to overcome Domine Fredericks and end the magical range war that had threatened to tear London apart.

Map works his mojo
Map works his mojo.

Not quite human
Not quite human.
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