Name : Watford

First Appearance : Hellblazer #134, Haunted
Last Appearance : Hellblazer #140, Locked

Who is he ?

A detective in London's robbery squad, Watford is another in a long list of unfortunates to have heard the dreaded "You owe me" from the lips of John Constantine.

To start with, Watford is actually the detective's nickname, one he was christened with after a particularly embarrassing incident that occurred on London's Watford High Street. Whispered rumblings and quiet rumours of the events that transpired that night have been enough to earn Watford his unwanted nickname but only John Constantine knows the exact details behind the "Watford Incident" and he uses this knowledge to keep the copper firmly under his thumb.

After learning of an old girlfriend's murder, John enrolled the help of the hapless detective in order to inflict his own brand of justice on the person responsible. Using his connections in the police force, Watford secured a copy of the case file for Constantine as well as providing access to the crime scene. Watford later helped John take the guilty party, the magus Josh Wright, into a unique form of police custody which saw Wright being forced to ingest some blotter acid before being confined in close quarters with the decomposing corpse of Constantine's old flame.

A month after helping John wreck his revenge on Wright, Watford found himself in need of Constantine's aid. A pair of thieves ended up getting more than they bargained for when they went to lay low at a friend's house only to have their mate brutally murder them both. When two police officers are sent into the suspect's house to arrest him, both end up tearing each other apart. Slow to learn their lesson, the police sent another two men in after the suspect - one has a stroke and the other ends up sanctioned in a mental institution. At Watford's request, Constantine agrees to confront the suspect and eventually drags him from his house, leaving the cursed place in flames behind him.

Watford recently received an unwanted call from Constantine, who was looking for information on the Striptease Killer.
Earning a nickname
Earning a nickname.

Watford philosophises
Watford philosophises.
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