The Trenchcoat Brigade The Trenchcoat Brigade #1

Writer : John Ney Rieber
Artist : John Ridgeway

A raving Russian madman and a desolate vodka soaked future.   Mister E catches a sleeping Russian unawares and threatens to drive a stake through his heart, stopping only when he realises that his prey has blue eyes as opposed to the green eyed man he seeks.   More shifting images and we find that E is now living in a small bedsit and going under the name Eric.   In another part of America, John Constantine finds his efforts at hitting on an attractive waitress cut short when he's rudely interrupted by the arrival of Rose (Doctor Occult's human alter ego) and The Phantom Stranger.

Trencoat Brigade #1
The relative merits of TV versus magic

Together the three track down the errant Mister E and are surprised to find him a changed man - having foresaken his religous zeal and adopted the name of Eric.   Eric reveals that a horrible future is approaching where a stranger known as Misery will cause much destruction.   Eric claims that he met Misery whilst stranded in the future, which led to his current search attempts to kill Misery in the present (hence his search for 'green eyed Russians').

Eric reembraces his identity as E and with the Trenchcoat Brigade now reunited, the four travel the paths of time to the future in which Misery remains.   Confronting the mad Russian, John reveals that Misery is none other than Pyotr Konstantin, yet another magically inclined member of the Constantine family tree.   Pyotr is less than pleased with the revelation and summons four giant wolves to dispatch of his new enemies.

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