HellBlazer #146    HellBlazer #146 : Hard Time, Part 1 of 5

   Writer : Brian Azzarello
   Artist : Richard Corben

For reasons as of yet unknown, Constantine has ended up doing time in a maximum security American prison. Catching the eye of Traylor, a convict rapidly losing interest in his regular piece of ass. John is 'tricked' into cadging some cigs and in turn indepting himself to Traylor.

When Traylor tries to collect, John plays his usual calm self, refusing to give up the required piece of ass and instead cadging more cigs from the rest of Traylors gang. Back in the comfort of his cell, Constantine lays out the cigs he's gathered from Traylor and company.

Traylor and friends corner Constantine in the showers, intent on collecting what they're owed. Constantine leaves a batch of dribbling madmen in his wake, laying the building blocks for his reputation in the prison.

Quote Of The Month :"Fear. It seizes you in the asshole. It grabs and pinches and lets you know you have no fucking control of anything before it lets go and the shit spills down your legs and you smell how vulnerable you really fucking are.", Candy on John's effect on him.

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