HellBlazer #147    HellBlazer #147 : Hard Time, Part 2 of 5

   Writer : Brian Azzarello
   Artist : Richard Corben

Stark, the cold blooded killer who presides over his fellow inmates, listens to various tales of Constantine. First he hears of John's confrontation with a Muslim gang, who having heard of the events involving Traylor brand him as evil. Following a brief exchange of angry words, the Muslims end up inadvertently turning their back on their God, by praying to the West.

Next a group of neo-nazis recount their less than successful efforts at convincing John to tbrow his lot in with them. Angered they try to arrange to have John killed during dinner but things don't go as planned and someone else suffers his planned death.

Finally one of Stark's lackeys tells of John's first meeting with the killer. Constantine managed to beat him in a game of poker, bluffing him out and winning with a dud hand, which has led to a surprise teaming of the pair.

Quote Of The Month :"I'd spread me cheeks for every black cock in this hole 'fore I'd throw in with you lads.", Constantine rebuffing the neo-nazis advances.

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