HellBlazer #145    HellBlazer #145 : Ashes & Honey, Part 2 of 2

   Writer : Darko Macan
   Artist : Gary Erskine

Samir recounts the tale of a young Kemal and how he once used his magic to almost kill the man who captured the heart of the woman he loved. As Samir's family gather to scatter Kemal's ashes, John uses the boots to see the story behind Samir's mother's missing finger.

Tension runs high in Samir's family, as arguments rage back and forth between his mother and his pregnant sister. Samir leaves Constantine with a honeycomb which he claims will help him find the place he is the happiest.

In typical John fashion, Constantine gives the honey to the father of Samir's sister's unborn baby, promting him to face up to his new responsibility.

Quote Of The Month : "Jeb'o.".

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