HellBlazer #144    HellBlazer #144 : Ashes & Honey, Part 1 of 2

   Writer : Darko Macan
   Artist : Gary Erskine

John Constantine's efforts at uncovering the story behind an undead dog lead him to the grave of a Bosnian magician.   Here Constantine meets the magician's grandson and learns about the events leading up to the man's death.

When Kemal, an aging Bosnian, notices his boots are missing he suspects that his grandson is responsible for their theft. Samir, Kemal's grandson, has discovered that the boots possess healing properties.

Samir charges others of his own age to heal their various ailments but when he tries to resurrect a boy's dead sister disaster ensues, with Constantine getting on the wrong end of a beating and Kemal having to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Quote Of The Month : "Same parents get suddenly upset and do their best to find the planetary authority on this weird shit. Meaning, of course, me.", Constantine mid diatribe.

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