HellBlazer #141    HellBlazer #141 : The Crib

   Writer : Warren Ellis
   Artist : Tim Bradstreet

David Niles, a failing New York writer, is not having a good time. Ever since he started investigating an object believed to contain the immortal miscarried fetus of the antichrist, the Crib, he's sure that he's been followed.

When an unexpected visitor shows up on his doorstep in the middle of the night, Niles kills the lights in a vain bid convice his visitor the he's not in.

A non plussed Constantine somehow ends up inside David's appartment, spuring the writer into a hasty tribe which leads to the revalation that Nile's is now under the control of the Crib.

A slightly bemused John points out that David's inadvertant meeting with a mass murderer has done bad things to his sanity and led to his fabrication of the Crib - which turns out to be nothing more than an old biscuit box with a mouse trapped inside.

Quote Of The Month : "The thing about magic is, you can't tell if it's real, because you can't touch it. Can't hold it. If someone's sure there's a thing called a crib that makes you really scary, who's to say there isn't such a thing ?", John Constantine pontificating.

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