HellBlazer #140    HellBlazer #140 : Locked

   Writer : Warren Ellis
   Artist : Frank Teran

A month after helping Constantine avenge Isabel's death, a desperate Watford seeks John's aid in a manhunt gone horribly wrong.

Watford and crew track a couple of thieves to a friend's house where they meet a gruesome end at the hands of their aforementioned acquaintance.   Worse, when two of Watford's officers entered the room containing the bodies of the slain and the killer, they lost the plot and killed each other.   A second attempt to enter the room resulted in similar consequences.

After his ritual off the cuff gruffness, John agrees to enter the room.

Constantine enters a charnel house where he's confronted by a naked, babbling psychopath and the mutilated corpses of his victims.   The man delights in having 'tainted' the room with his murders but John is unfazed, goading him into action before laying him out with a broken lamp.

John drags the comatose murderer from the room before setting it alight and warning Watford not to call him again.

Quote Of The Month : "Fat lot of fucking good that'll do me.   I shout quick help, these two plonkers run in, their brains stand on end and they kick me in the brains until I die", John commenting on Watford's offer of aid should things go wrong in "The Room".

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