HellBlazer #142    HellBlazer #142 : Setting Sun/One Last Love Song

   Writer : Warren Ellis
   Artist : javier Pulido/James Romberger

Setting Sun. When Constantine receives a distressed phone call from an old friend, he enlists Chas' aid and rushes to her house. His impression of the Sweeney going awry when she opens her door before Chas can do it in with a crowbar. She reveals that an old tenant has come back from the dead and is haunting his room.

John investigates and finds himself having a chat with the spirit of a dead Japanese doctor. A Japanese doctor who spent the war coming up with particularly gruesome ways to kill those placed under his 'care'.

In order to excise the spirit, John is forced to reenact the torture's it was responsible for on it.

One Last Love Song. Staggering from his local, worse for more than a few pints, Constantine remembers the various women he's fallen in love with over the years.

Quote Of The Month : "It all ends, old son. In the death, all you've got is a memory and an old love song.", John waxes lyrical on loves long lost.

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