24th January, 2005 - John Shirley to write Hellblazer novels.
    Quote John Shirley -

    "DC Comics and the publisher of the novelization of CONSTANTINE, the movie starring Keanu Reeves, were pleased with my novelization and they offered me the chance to write two HELLBLAZER novels, based on Hellblazer as opposed to the John Constantine of the movie. (I regard the movie Constantine as being the same guy in a kind of parallel universe.) I didn't get this new Hellblazer-novel job, which I'm now embarking on, because I myself am a former punk rock singer nor because I am in fact involved in mysticism--I got it because the damn novelization rocks...

    Anyway having signed a non-disclosure agreement, I can't say anything more about the movie script (what I said already here is information readily a vailable from seeing the movie trailers and reading press releases etc), but I can tell you that --barring a change of course by the publisher--the first two Hellblazer novels to come, titled WARLORD and SUBTERRANEAN, are based on the Vertigo John Constantine, not the movie John Constantine."

    Lots more info available on John's site.
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