Winter's Edge 2 Winter's Edge #2

Writer : Garth Ennis
Artist : Glyn Dillon

A quiet story revolving around Constantine reminiscing on both his own childhood and the childhood's of those who've called him friend.   Enjoying a quiet pint in his local, John's peace is disturbed when a small family bustle into the near empty pub, looking to make use of the bathroom facilities.   The barman steadfastly refuses to allow them in and the sight of the children sets John to thinking.

Winters Edge2
Childhood Memories

Well on the road to drunken oblivion, Constantine recalls growing up alongside Gaz Lester and how he was eventually responsible for his friends death.   He imagines how the rest of his dead friends must have been like as children - Emma as the strong woman too big for her hick town, Header a young thug, Rick the ladies man and Nige the school twat.

Guilt hits John as once more he faces the fact that nearly everyone who dares to love him ends up dead.   Unwilling to grapple with uncomfortable feelings, John opts to get rat arsed instead.

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