Love Street Love Street #2

Writer : Peter Hogan
Artist : Michael Zulli

A frustrated Magpie fails in her efforts to rally the folks of the Dreaming behind her and is forced to set off on her rescue bid for Morpheus alone.

Oliver, meanwhile, tracks down the seemingly immortal Ravi who's passing his time working in a video store.   As the pair try and form a plan for gathering the other survivors of their outing to the Burgess Mansion, they're interrupted by an impatient Constantine who informs them that he's already summoned the others and they're on their way.
Constantine and Oliver set off to pick up Ivan and on the way reminisce on the events of their day at the mansion.   Oliver inadvertently consumed some LSD and a running feud between a young Constantine and the method results in their motley crew being forced to sleep in the fields around the Mansion.

That night, Ivan took to experimenting with a spell book he nicked from the mansion.   Magpie makes her move and manages to posses Pammie.   Following a brief confrontation, Ivan manages to trap the spirit inside Pammie.

In the present day, with Pammie dying, the survivors fear that the spirit will be freed to wreck vengeance on them.   Constantine plans to use Ivan, whom he blames for the incident, as it's next prison.

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