Love Street Love Street #1

Writer : Peter Hogan
Artist : Michael Zulli

Oliver, a middle aged Rabi plagued by nightmares of Fawney Rig, reminisces on the Summer of 1968.

Oliver, then a young run away on the streets of London, is taken under the wing of a teenaged John Constantine.   A runaway himself but clearly more at ease with life on the streets than Oliver.   Taking pity on the gormless Oliver, Constantine introduces him to his American land lady, Estella, and manages to wangle his new friend a bed for the foreseeable future.

When John nearly burns their abode to the ground whilst practicing some occult ritual, Oliver meets the strange entourage which appears to be ever present in Constantine's life.   This motley crew consists of Pamela, a young girl for whom Oliver immediatly falls in love with and Ravi, a slightly eccentric but clearly wise student of the occult.

As various members of the Dreaming gather to stage a rescue attempt for the imprisoned Morpheus, John and company learn of an open occult gathering at the Burgess mansion.   A cynical Constantine decides that he'll grace the aforementioned event with his presence.

Returning to the present day, Oliver visits the comatose Pamela, now dying from cancer.

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