The Horrorist The Horrorist #1

Writer : Jamie Delano
Artist : David Llyod

As children play in the snow of Illinois, a woman sits watching them.   Dressed only in a short shift, she’s approached by a postal worker.   As she starts screaming about the children, the worker becomes more concerned but he quickly loses interest in her as a series of explosions rips through the playing children, leaving most of them dead or dying.

Constantine’s efforts at enjoying a quiet drink are plagued by an overeager hooker and a game of snooker which quickly dissolves into a bloody brawl.   Bored and worn down by her sale’s pitch, John accompanies the hooker back to her house.   It transpires that the hooker has a sado-masochist thing going on but Constantine proves immune to her efforts - John’s obviously in the midst of a customary depression.   Making his way home from the hooker’s house, Constantine is stunned to see the sky dominated by a woman’s face (the woman from the park in Illinois).   The shock of seeing the woman, combined with the beating received at the hands of the hooker, leaves John unconscious on the street. Revived by medics, Constantine resolves to track down the woman.

DIY for Magicians
Magic 101

John tracks down a photo-journalist who once photographed the woman - as a child - this man gives him information which sends Constantine to America and a woman named Martha. Martha bought the child back to America from Mozambique.   They named the child Angel but one of the people who was looking after her killed the child - claiming that she was feeding on another woman’s soul and making her sick.   Refusing to believe she’s dead, Constantine resorts to magic which reveals that the woman is now in Illinois.

Angel meanwhile has hitched a ride with a trucker named Joe, a man who cares deeply for his family but little else.   Shortly after dropping Angel off, Joe tries to phone home only to learn that his wife and children have been ‘relocated’.   John arrives in Illinois and starts on the trail of the postal worker - finding him just as he commits suicide.

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