Swamp Thing #1    Swamp Thing #1 : In Lieu of Flowers

   Writer : Brian K. Vaughan
   Artist : Richard Petersen

Mary has a good life. She lives in Suburban America with a dothing mother and father and has a close circle of friends which includes a boyfriend she loves. In her own mind she come a long way since coming out of her coma, a coma which ensured that she could remember nothing which happened during the first fifteen years of her life. Apart from her near fanatic interest in plant life she's just your average school kid.

Mary's final day of school ends on an odd note, when after losing a fencing match she suffers a strange illusion of a trench coat wearing Englishman who informs her that "fighting dirty is the most beautiful way to win a match".

When Mary catches her boyfriend kissing her best friend on the night of the prom, she undergoes a startling transformation into Tefe, the daughter of the Swamp Thing. Enraged, Tefe dispatches the pair in a brutal manner before creating a similarcum of Mary and slitting it's throat.

When the police find the three dead school children the following morning, they put their deaths down to some kind of suicide pact. After Mary's funeral, Abby Holland shows up on the doorstep of Mary's "parents".

Quote Of The Month :"My name is Tefe", Tefe Holland reborn.

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