HellBlazer #119    HellBlazer #119 : Undertow

   Writer : Paul Jenkins
   Artist : Sean Phillips

John Constantine has a very bad day.   Starting with a painful accident in the bathroom, followed by a near self inflicted amputation, leading into the discovery that Dani's fish - which were left in his care by the woman herself - had died.   As if all that wasn't bad enough, John has an encounter with some dog excrement and a particularly sarky pet shop owner before having his day turned upside down.

Making his way home with Dani's replacement fish, John appears to become a focal point for the 'generic disaster' - be it a sinking boat or a collapsing mineshaft.   Constantine finds his spiritual form aboard a plane, the passengers on which are all (dead) victims of previous disaster, Conjob is forced to watch helplessly as the plane plunges to it's inevitable destruction.   As John returns to his physical body, he drops the unfortunate replacement fish - causing them to suffer the same fate as their predecessors.

Quote Of The Month : 'You weren't just transported across time and space...and into the fucking parrot sketch' - John Constantine to Rich and Mup.

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