HellBlazer #118 HellBlazer #118 : Life And Death And Taxis

Writer : Paul Jenkins
Artist : Sean Phillips

This month sees John and Rich joining forces once more - only this time, instead of confronting evil spirits - they're trying to get Slarky to the hospital as her 'water has broken'.   Slarky and Dani watch on in amusement as the pair bungle around in front of them.   With the help of an amused Chas, Constantine and Co manage to get Slarky to the hospital.

Constantine returns home, leaving Dani on 'hospital watch' with the full intention of getting well and truly wasted in the local pub.   These plans are interrupted by Straff, whose mum has had yet another attack.   John checks up on her and treats the reader to his view of Straff's mother - he paints her as a vindictive figure who 'if it's at all possible, will drag everyone with her'.    Slightly disturbed, Conjob decides to make himself scarce.

As the night draws on, Straff interrupts John and Dani during an 'intimate moment', fearing that his mother has died.   A disgruntled Constantine checks on the old lady and finds that she's had a heart attack.   For the second time in a day, Chas plays ambulance driver and rushes her to the hospital.

Finally the doctors decide to induce Slarky's child and an anxious Rich asks John to tape the happy moment for him fearing that he won't be able to do so himself, Rich's foresight is commendable as he faints half way through the delivery.

As Slarky gives birth, Straff's mum passes away.   The final scenes of this months issue, set during Straff's mums cremation, lead the reader to believe that she (Straff's mum) may have somehow 'possessed' the new born child.

Quote Of The Month : 'I've done this more times than Doctor bloody Kildare' - Chas on his trips to the local hospital.

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