HellBlazer #113    HellBlazer #113 : You're Just A... (Last Man Standing : Part Four)

   Writer : Paul Jenkins
   Artist : Sean Phillips

The head turns out to be that of Bran the Blessed.   Bran tells Constantine of the time Arthur killed him and told him the terrible secret of gods design for the world.   Then John tells of his life to date - he speaks Of Newcastle and everything that followed and a magic is worked, causing everyone in Britain to dream Constantine's story.   John then prepares for his confrontation with Myrddin and calls together his friends, outlining his plans over a dinner he himself prepared - we are not yet privy to what was said but things go wrong and John is left alone, having once more alienated his friends and loved ones.   As Constantine arranges a meeting with Myrddin, we learn that Drake's drum has stopped beating and John reveals that ' the way he's worked it, no one involved in this little shindig can possibly come out on top'.

John confronts Myrddin on his own turf - surrounded by the mutilated bodies of Arthur's eternal court.    When John opens the box for Myrddin, revealing it to be empty - Myrddin flies into a rage and takes Constantine to another room - one in which his friends lie battered and unconscious.   Myrddin then offers John a terrifying choice, asking him to choose which one should be killed - Slarky's unborn child or Dani.   A bloodied Rich begs John not to allow Myrddin harm his wife, son or unborn child.   As Myrddin offers John the choice, Constantine lights up and replies 'Either one mate.   It's all the same to me'.

Quote Of The Month : '"Sometimes I look in your eyes and I swear I've never seen anyone so sad as you..." fucking trite bullshit' - John Constantine throwing Danis words back in her face.

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