HellBlazer #112    HellBlazer #112 : Human Punk (Last Man Standing : Part Three)

   Writer : Paul Jenkins
   Artist : Sean Phillips

Rich, long haired punk and true king of Britain, heads across the British Countryside - thinking he's on his way to pick up some dodgy substances for Constantine when in fact he's headed to Albion to collect the holy grail.   Faeries supernatural natives ensure that Myrddin's men fail in their attempts to follow Rich and steal the box which their master wants so badly.   As Rich arrives in the cave which stores the treasured item, the spirit of Arthur awakens within him and questions the wisdom of returning the box to the real world, Jack persuedes him that this must be done and Rich returns to Constantine with the box, convinced that most of his 'trip' was bought on by illegal substances.   An enraged Myrddin taunts the 'corpses' of Arthurs eternal court.

Opening the box both John and Rich are stunned to find a disembodied head inside...a talking disembodied head.

Quote Of The Month : JC - 'Yeah, yeah..so did you get it ?'.   Rich - 'Too right I did.   'ere y'are, look...a six-pack of Ruddles..'.   JC - 'What? That's it ?'.   Rich - 'April fool'.

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