Name : Marj

First Appearance : Hellblazer #14, Touching The Earth (The Fear Machine : Part One)
Last Appearance : Hellblazer #39, The Hanged Man

Who is she ?

Mercury's guardian, Marj met Constantine when her charge bought him back to their bus. A short while after they met, the pair started sleeping together and soon John and Marj were feeling quite happy with each other. Their peace was shattered however when Merc was kidnapped during the events of The Fear Machine story.

John and Marj crossed paths several times after the events of The Fear Machine and despite the weirdness and terror that she was exposed too, Marj managed to remain a relatively normal, sane human being - something which cannot be said for most who cross John's path.

Other Appearances In HellBlazer :
  • (#14-22) The Fear Machine
  • (#34) The Bogeyman
  • (#36) The Undiscovered Country
  • (#37) Man's Work
  • (#38) Boy's Games
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