Name : Angie Spatchcock

First Appearance : Hellblazer #175, High On Life
Last Appearance : Hellblazer #184, The Wild Card

Who is she ?

After returning to Liverpool following a prolonged trip Stateside to find his sister living in Elster Towers, a block of flats suffering from some distinctly supernatural goings on, the last thing John Constantine needed was to cross the paths of an overly enthusiastic newcomer to the world of the occult. Unfortunately for the magus, that's exactly what he got when he stumbled into Uncle Joe's greasy spoon cafe in search of a decent breakfast only to find himself the unwanted center of attention of Angie Spatchcock, the cafe's waitress and would be student of the arcane. (#175)

Despite an initially frosty first encounter, Angie's sharp retorts to Constantine's own barbed insults managed to pike John's interests. Spatchcock was able to divine the exact location of the evil within Elster Towers but was brutally assaulted before she could pass this information on to John. With Angie heavily sedated in hospital after this attack, Constantine decided to give her an infusion of his demon blood in order to revive her. Spatchcock remains unaware of the fact that she now has demon blood pumping through her veins.

Only the timely arrival of Angie, fresh off her sick bed, managed to save John from meeting an untimely end atop Elster Towers but Constantine, being Constantine, dismissed her efforts with some typically harsh words before they parted ways. (#176)

Angie didn't have to wait long before gaining some measure of revenge on the acid mouthed Constantine. Leaving Liverpool and Spatchcock behind him, John arrived back in London just in time to land himself in the middle of a raging magical turf war. With his niece in great danger, Joshua Wright back on the scene and no allies to speak of, a desperate Constantine put in a call to Angie but his hurtful parting words were still stuck in her mind and she refused to come to his aid. (#178)

When the psychic bond she shares with her brother, Jason, flared up during a Totentaz gig, Angie rushed to his aid. A patient in Saint Peter's Psychiatric Hospital, Jason - along with the rest of the hospital's patients and a good deal of the surround town's inhabitants - had been possessed by an old Celtic spirit. Working on a tip-off from Arawn Pen Annuvin, King Of The Dead, John Constantine arrived in the grounds of the hospital in time to banish the Celtic spirits back to the land of the dead and return Angie's brother to his charming self. (#182 , #183)

Their differences put behind them, Constantine wasted no time in roping Angie into his efforts at thwarting a growing magical threat. It didn't take long for John to revert to type though, and after whisking Spatchcock off to the tropical climes of Juliema, he used her as an unwitting mark in a deadly game of poker that could well have cost Angie her soul. (#184)

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Angie pulls John's arse out of the fire.

Spatchcock holds a grudge.

Tim Bradstreet depicts a knife wielding Angie.

Angie enjoys a much needed Nicotine hit after her run in with the Gironnved.

Not-quite enjoying the sun in Juliema.

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