"You betrayed us all, John - your mother, yer friends, everyone you ever met.    And now he wants us - cause we're the next best thing to you." - Thomas Constantine on why he thinks he's in hell.

Thomas was John Constantine's father, that's what killed him.

A tough, working class man, Thomas never got along with his son.   Their realtionship was never going to be a good one - his wife, Mary, died giving birth to their son and Thomas always appeared to blame John for this.

Thomas was killed by The Family Man, a seriel killer who was hunting John, but his story didn't end with his death.   Back when he was a child, after a particularly nasty arguement with his father, John cast a spell that ensured his father would suffer a slow death - the result of this was that Thomas was forced to live a life after death as a ghost.   When John realised this was happening, he broke the spell and, unknowingly, doomed his fathers soul to hell.

John later met his father in hell, were he learned that he actually tried to abort both his children - which is why both Mary and The Golden Boy died.

Thomas Constantine
Thomas Constantine in hell
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