The Golden Boy

"I am still the shining one - while you remain no more than the banished sickly boy grown old in grotesque parody of my righteous life." - The Golden Boy on John Constantine.

John Constantine had a brother.   A twin brother, who died along with Mary Constantine as she gave birth to John.   It's possible that John may even have killed his brother in his mothers womb, strangling him with his umbilicle cord.

In another world, it was John who died and his brother that survived.   This Constantine, who also bore the name John, was the opposite of his brother - he grew to become a powerful and great Magus - when he confronted hell itself in Newcastle he gave his arm and saved Astras soul.

The Golden Boy and John saw images of each other and the Golden Boy was afraid of his other self.   He tried to kill his brother and set in course a sequence of events which led to the two combining their souls.

The Golden Boy
The Golden Boy
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