"You are four of no use Trenchcoat devils." - Pyotr dissing Constantine and the rest of the Trenchcoat Brigade.

As a young Kossack, Pyotr won the heart of Elliana, the daughter to the King Of The Leshy.    He betrayed her trust and used her love to allow him steal the Eye Of The World - a magical jewel which served to protected the Leshy from the outside world.

Driven by her betrayl and the death of her people, Elliana vowed vengence through the use of The Book Of The Dead, a magical tome owned by her now murdered father.   Soon after taking the tome, she became infected by the God M'Nagalah, who thought her how to summon him to Earth.

Harnessing the guilt of Pyotr, Elliana succeeded in gaining her vengence by summoning the God and wiping mankind from the face of the planet - leaving only a guilt stricken Pyotr alive.   Through a series of events, Pyotr gained redemption and managed to defeat M'Nagalah with the help of the Trenchcoat Brigade.

Pyotr Constantine
Pyotr Constantine
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