Name : Astra

First Appearance : Hellblazer #8, Intensive Care
Last Appearance : Hellblazer #96, Hook Line And Sinker (Critical Mass)

Who is she ?

Astra has the rather dubious honour of being one of the few people to have a truly lasting effect on John Constantine's life. It was a young and inexperienced Constantine who found Astra dancing by herself in the Casanova Club, located in the midst of Newcastle and owned by her father. The cellar of the club cut a grisly sight, filled as it was with the butchered remains of countless humans. Through talking with the terrified young girl, John learned that she had been systematically abused by her father and used as a play thing during many of his 'special' parties. Astra reveals that it was during one of these events that she somehow managed to accidentally summon a horrible creature from hell called the Norfulthing.

Inexperienced though he was, Constantine was just an arrogant then as he is now. John was convinced that the creature in the basement was in fact a Terror Elemental and that the only way to dispatch it was by summoning another demon to kill it. As tends to be the case around Constantine however, the plan went horribly wrong, resulting in Astra's soul being lost to hell and John's arrest for her murder.

Many years and too many deaths later, John eventually managed to free Astra's soul by outwitting the demon Buer during the events of Critical Mass.

Other Appearances In Hellblazer :
  • ( #11 ) Newcastle, A Taste Of Things To Come
  • ( #78 - 83 ) Rake At The Gates Of Hell (sort of)
  • ( #92 - 96 ) Critical Mass
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