Friends and Foes for stories by Josh Whitener

The characters Clarice Sackville, Albert Case and Map are creations of Warren Ellis.

The character Frank "Chas" Chandler is a creation of Jamie Delano.

All use of these characters is strictly for pleasure and not as profit. Don’t sue.

“A man can't be too careful in the choice of his enemies.” --Oscar Wilde

Ivan Petrosvky : As one of John Constantine’s friends in Russia, Ivan helped Constantine when he arrived to the country on information that an apocalyptic force was breaking down the occult lines across the world. Ivan used his aspiring connections in Russia’s occult faction to contact an ailing magician named Vladimir Monavich. When the information on John’s hunch turned up harder to acquire than expected, John left not only himself, but Ivan with unanswered questions. Tragically the answers would never come as Ivan returned home to find his fiancé, Alexandria Girad, murdered and then found himself as the next victim. John later used Ivan as a hook to escape from Donald Valentine, using his spirit as a beacon for others to enter the realm of the living. [Degrees of Separation: Part 1 and Part 5 (ghost)]

Donald Valentine : As the head of a large occult dealer, Valentine took advantage of Constantine by staging a kidnapping using one of London’s street gangs. When the plot to use John as bait failed due to his own arrogance, Constantine pulled a con of his own and allowed Ivan and numerous other “free” spirits to dismantle the rest of the employers while Tyrone shot and killed Valentine. [Degrees of Separation: Part 4 and 5]

Tyrone : Tyrone was a member of the street gang used as muscle to bring Constantine to Valentine. Tyrone, although young, provided the equal parts bluff and hot-headedness, but his inexperienced innocence often shows at the most crucial times. Tyrone was really only used as bait to lure one of the demon lords of Hell into Valentine’s offices. Not taking his betrayal lightly Tyrone got a free chance to kill Valentine after John stringed together his plan. Tyrone parted ways with Constantine shortly after but would more than likely be seen again. [Degrees of Separation 2-5]

Sydney Cole (a.k.a Luke Bentz) : Sydney Cole has a personal vendetta against Constantine. The information regarding this hatred has yet to be known. All that is known is that Sydney was hired by the Tate Club’s new leader, Henrich, to investigate Valentine who may have caused some unwanted competition. Sydney was given instructions to keep Constantine alive and, against his own emotions, complied with them. Sydney left the Tate Club after the events transpired and hasn’t been seen since…but made his intentions clear enough to know he hasn’t backed down.

Henrich Roland : Taking charge of the occult operations in Tate’s Club, Henrich has been working behind the curtain to secure his own goals. After having John Constantine “rescued” from his imprisonment by Valentine, he was orchestrating the others to capture Peter Tingerman and kill him to obstruct a possible doomsday. Henrich’s methods have brought new extremes to what the elder members of Tate’s Club is used to. [Degrees of Separation 2-5]

Alexandria Girad : Alexandria was Ivan’s fiancé and lover who forbid him to travel to St. Petersburg with John Constantine. The result of Ivan’s ambitiousness was the cost of her life and the life of her future husband. Several weeks after her death several horrifying incidents called the attention of Mark Posigof who later informed Constantine. Investigating the matter, John discovered Alexandria to be the ghost haunting a market district which he then willingly attempted to transport her spirit from this world to the realm of the dead. Unfortunately the plan was sabotaged by a very unusual sect of the Russian KGB who had their own business for Constantine. [Degrees of Separation: Part 1, Gasoline Alley: Part 1-2]

Mark Posigof : With the remorse and guilt of Ivan’s death looming over him, John returned to Russia after receiving a letter from Ivan’s friend, Mark Posigof. When the homeless began killing themselves and each other in a specific alley on the west end of a small market district, John and Mark investigated the matter. Upon closer investigation John found the matter to be in the form of a ghost. Mark, worried for his own safety, fled the scene before any real harm could come to him. [Gasoline Alley: Part 1]

Nicholas Grübter : Nicholas was the head of the KGB’s occult dealers. This group, who focused their practices on vampirism to draw energy, botched John Constantine’s attempt to help Alexandria’s spirit pass on in order to inform him of the real situation involving London’s magical location in the world, and a disaster forming at global proportions. This information led John to loose many of his close allies in the East. [Gasoline Alley: Part 1-2]

Chas : John’s closest friend once again provided his services as driver when John investigated the murders of several children in the Westminster area. The job turned from the uncomfortable to the disturbing when Chas provided an unexpected amount of muscle for John when he was forced to reanimate one of the murdered children to get information. Chas, having seen enough, decided he wanted nothing more to do with what John was involved in and left his friend to contemplate his next move. Chas and John’s friendship remains intact, with the promise that John will keep him and his family out of harms way. [Winter Wonderland: Part 1-2, Behind Closed Doors]

Albert Case and Clarice Sackville : The two members of Tate’s Club and known associates to John Constantine found themselves the enemy when John’s investigations into the murder children pointed to them. A magical game of “finder’s keepers” was transforming London’s occult followers into unethical slaves bound by no will at all. When Clarice and Albert teamed up with a very new and dangerous group called The Castigo, John resorted to finding Peter Tingerman, the target of a ritual sacrifice that would have thought to stop doomsday, himself. When John found out that the boy had a terrible gift of drawing occult sigils that would result to move the world’s leylines years down the line (an event that would usher in the end of the world), he was unsure whether he was fighting on the wrong side. Undoubtedly John agreed to use whatever will be possessed to keep the boy alive (not wanting another child’s soul condemned to Hell). He used his connection to Erik, the former Mr. E, to pass the child to a protective dimension, but a badly timed meeting with Clarice turned their once steady alliance down a rocky path. As a result of his actions, John lost whatever chance he had at gaining future support from both new and old members of the Tate Club. [Winter Wonderland: Part 2-4]

Map : The tube worker and powerful magician, Map, helped John Constantine discover the name of Peter Tingerman who was a target of assassination by both members of the Castigo and Tate’s Club. Having chosen no side, he continues his job under London’s streets and most importantly continues to deny John Constantine of any further help. Map’s motives as of now are still unclear, but the two parted as they usually do – on bad terms. [Winter Wonderland: Part 2]

Harrison Levi : An old friend of John Constantine, Harrison Levi was John’s supporter after the incident at Newcastle forced many to doubt John’s strength in the magic field. When both he and John along with two men, Phillip Allen and Colin Wilkerson, were asked to prevent the summoning of another Earth Elemental, Levi provided some much needed assurance for Constantine. It wasn’t until John’s earlier investigations led him to stop the raising did Levi realize what the man was capable of. More than ten years later Levi played a much more involved role when he, unknowingly to John, helped find Peter Tingerman before the members of the Tate Club could do away with him. John pointed out that Levi always had a flaw at getting involved when he shouldn’t. This point turned out to be true when the events following cost him his life at the hands of Malix – a member of the Castigo. (Winter Wonderland: Part 2-3, Past, Present, Futile)

Peter Tingerman : Peter was one of the only kids not present at the school shooting in Westminster, and not so ironically the most important. Peter developed a special gift of drawing unknown occult symbols that uncovered information that would have several people reason to believe he would bring about the end of the world. When John Constantine intervened the boy found out what a bad day could really entailed. Peter’s mother was killed by members of the Castigo shortly after this knowledge was spread. Peter, unknowingly, was sent to an alternate dimension by John’s unlikely associate the very unstable Mr. E. There he was able to keep his mind focused where he could do no accidental damage and was able to see his “mother”. (Winter Wonderland: Part 1-4)

Malix : Malix’s origins are unknown. What we do know about him is that he was a very powerful member of the Castigo, a newly organized cult in London that specialized in using vessel magic. The Castigo was also responsible for the school yard shooting in Westminster. Malix primary goal was almost accomplished when he raided Harrison Levi’s home in search of Peter Tingerman. John Constantine managed to escape with the boy, but Levi was killed during this attack by Malix. Later, Malix confronted Erik in a last stand along with Albert to reclaim the child. Erik consumed Malix’s magic by channeling it the same as the Castigo had done and used it to then provide a gateway for both himself and Pete. Malix did not survive the encounter. (Winter Wonderland: Part 3-4)

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