HellBlazer #167    HellBlazer #167 : Highwater, Part 4 of 4

   Writer : Brian Azzarello
   Artist : Marcelo Frusin

As Jimmy heads home from the pub, the rest of his neo-Nazi gang find their evening of drinking in the Highwater tap interupted by the resurrected remains of the Wolfman's bloodied corpse. Constantine watches on as the creature tears its way through the terrified men, mocking Kyle with the fact that the Jews are God's chosen people and that everything he believes in is wrong, before John's Golem squashes his head under foot. Gage receives some unwanted visititors of his own in the form of S.W. Manor and his men. Manor is keen to learn about the whereabouts of Wolfman.

Gage tries to assure Manor that all is well and that he has taken care of the Wolfman's disappearance, a fact which doesn't go down well with Manor who reveals that the Wolfman is also one of his employees. Manor taunts Gage with his power, gloating that he could have the town of Highwater bulldozed into oblivion if he felt like it. Manor eventually comes to the conclusion that he's only going to feel better about the Wolfman's death when he's cum in either Gage's mouth or the mouth of his daughter.

Rocky Constantine

Jimmy, unaware of the events transpiring elsewhere, relaxes with his child and wife whilst playing with his newest toy - one of Wolfman's automatic weapons. When the police arrive at his door, following up on the massacre at the pub, they shoot first and ask questions later at the sight of the machine gun in Jimmy's hand and shoot him dead. Gwyneth, meanwhile, is disgusted with her father for letting Manor cum in his mouth instead of hers, decreeing that homosexuality is a sin before spitting in Gage's face.

As the police pull up on Gage's house, John undoes the magic animating Wolfman's corpse, causing the remains to fall lifelessly to the ground. Lucky's ghost makes another appearance and thanks Constantine for helping to free Marjorie from the unhealthy influence of Gage, he then scrawls the reason for his suicide on his pad, sharing it with Constantine but not the reader. Whatever the reason, it's enough to enrage Constantine who throws a punch at the ghost and then goes on to burn Marjorie's house to the ground. A furious John confronts Marjorie, telling her that he knows why Lucky killed himself and that she isn't even worth the effort it would take to hate her.

Quote Of The Month : "I want you to let the fuehrer in on it when you meet 'im.", Constantine as glib as ever.

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